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Technology and quality

Made in Italy

Roller shutter straps, straps, sea braid, ropes, floating ropes, cords, clothesline cords, and synthetic yarns.

Why choose us

Filtessil: your choice for quality and reliability.

A History of Excellence

With a history spanning more than 50 years of success, Filtessil has proven to be a reliable pillar in the textile industry.

Diversified Products

We supply a wide range of high-quality textile products, including shutter straps, sea braid, clothesline cords and synthetic yarns.

Customer Satisfaction:

Our highly trained team is ready to offer serious and comprehensive service, providing assistance and support at every stage of the purchasing process and beyond.

Our goals

These milestones reflect our long-term commitment to provide superior textile products and valuable services to our customers around the world while always having an eye toward the environment and environmental sustainability through the use of sustainable technologies to reduce environmental impact.

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Our products

Through continuous research and development of new technologies, Filtessil has specialized in the production of shutter straps, clothesline cords, sea braid and synthetic yarns, and aims to produce items with excellent quality standards that guarantee durability and strength over time.

Strap for roller shutters

Cotton, prolipropylene, deluxe (p.v.c. fabric, viscose rayon)

Clothesline cable

Brass-plated steel, galvanized, plasticized braid

Sea braids, ropes and lanyards

Sea braid, polyethylene braid, venetian blinds cord, colored polypropylene cord, motor starter

Construction, furniture, hobbies

Polyester construction wire, planting band, tie down strap, high tenacity strap, electrified straps

Synthetic yarns

Monofilament, multibava, p.v.c.

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For 50 years, the textile specialists

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Cutting-Edge Technologies

We have adopted innovative technologies to improve production efficiency and ensure the highest quality of our products.

International Presence

We supply our products not only in Italy, but also abroad, thanks to an established presence in international markets.

Strategic Collaborations

We have strategic partnerships and business collaborations that have allowed us to grow and constantly improve our services.

Dedication to Excellence

We are determined to continually exceed our standards of excellence and provide high-quality products and services to our customers